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Natural stone is a kind of ancient architecture and decoration materials. Its natural tiancheng
Marble furniture identify instructions

The market sell marble house has the branch of natural marble and scagliola, and the branch that natural marble and high grade marble and inferior marble points, choice marble furniture should know among them difference above all.
Every piece of natural marble has unique natural design and color, furniture of high grade marble can choose whole stone lumber raw material, have different place with makings deserve to compare. Main place can have the natural grain of large area, and leftover material can be used in the back of the chair, chapiter to do an ornament and other parts. Inferior furniture chooses leftover material when get the materials ready, the surface lacks change.
The marble that is used on furniture has green jade, violet jade, crystal pearl, kylin, crane to jade stone, amethyst, bai shuijing on, some species needs coloring, and green jade, violet jade and gong longshi are pure natural. A some inferior products can catch cheap white marble stone of green sham gray jade, and the color most of these products is shown factitious emerald.
The scagliola is to use natural marble or granite rock as inserts, mix with cement, gesso not full add up to polyester colophony to be adhesive, classics agitate shapes, abrade make with polishing hind. Scagliola diaphaneity is bad, and without burnish. As others made and natural marble to still have simpler one court: on drop a few rare hydrochloric acid, natural marble is acuteness and bubbly, the scagliola does not bubble even weak bubble.

Teach you choose marble and construction and acceptance skills

Marble decoration materials have natural marble and artificial marble two kinds. Natural marble quality of a material is solid, color variety, shades, there are a variety of luster, the formation of a unique natural beauty. Artificial marble than natural marble light weight, strong degree is high, thickness thin, erosion resistance, resistance to pollution, good workability, can be made of arc, surface and so on, and the construction. But in the color and texture than natural marble bright, natural soft joint. Therefore, in the selection of marble decoration materials, should consider filling points from the integral effect of the decoration, such as metope, cylindrical, ground and so on the different parts; And marble ground plate is bright and colorful pattern, such as like the cloud of FeiDu qingyun patterns, like the as natural color texture. Marble has been widely used in high-grade bathroom, bathroom wash gargle mesa and all kinds of furniture mesa.
In choosing a marble adornment material, but also to the surface of the marble whether level off, edge without defect, have crack, scratch, and presence of air bubble, tonal and pure whether in screening.
In a word, marble decoration materials quality requirement high degree of finish, rocky close, luster beautiful, edge neat, surface can not have hidden injury, weathering, erosion and defect.
Marble construction technology: laying marble veneer, should be thoroughly clean the grassroots ash and sundry, water wash clean, dry in the sun. Marble binding layer must use of dry mortar, mortar should be, then mix cooked, avoid by all means use thin mortar. Spread mortar tide wet base, cement slurry brush well after meal, and then spread binding layer mortar, combining layer mortar should do real massage flat. On the face of galley, marble plate should be soaked, dry, try to spread, then formal shop set. Marble positioning, will be marble plate average flips compaction, forbidden and dry cement MianPu stick.
Acceptance should be paid attention to marble act the role ofing MianPu stick is the formation of a solid, joint flat, marble without skew, no dirt and plasma mark, marble surface clean, color coordination. In addition, still should pay attention to marble plate for empty drum, marble joint has no height deviation.

Teach you four recruit identify marble quality difference

Stone products on the market at present the quality the good and bad are intermingled, for processing good product facing stone, its quality stand or fall from four aspects to identify:
A view, namely macroscopic observation of stone material surface structure. Generally speaking, uniform fine material the stone material of a structure has exquisite qualitative feeling, for the stone market; Coarse grain and seriate the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer. In addition, due to the influence of the stone geological processes in which often have some small crack, stone material most easily along these place, should pay attention to identify fracture. As for the lack of edge is affect beautiful, especially when the choice should be paid attention to.
The second volume, that quantity of stone material size, lest affect joining together, or cause after mosaics of pattern, decorative pattern, line deformation, affect adornment effect.
3 listen, listen to that of material of stone of percussion. Generally speaking, good quality stone the knock is ringing and euphonic; On the contrary, if stone ability is internal existing slight fracture or because of weathering cause particles become loose, criterion knock voice is husky dumb.
Four try, use simple test methods to test the quality of the stone material quality. Usually in the back of the stone drop a small grain of ink, such as ink soon four sanctions the infiltration, namely that stone internal grain looseness or the presence of gap, stone material quality is bad, Back, if ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone lumber quality of a material is good.

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namely rational mining, improve the utilization rate of stone material, reduce the waste; Fine processing
The marble furniture

The market sell marble house has the branch of natural marble and scagliola, and the branch that natural marble
kinds of safety granite

with the kind of stone, only do fine processing, so as to improve the product sample/class, let good material